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"Many little people in many little places
make a spot of light,
many spots of light in many little cities
make many regions of light,
many regions of light in many little countries
make a world of light,
many worlds full of light
make a universal light.“

David Wared


The community

in light awareness

We are a philosophical movement, a growing community of like-minded people. We come from completely different walks of life. Much of our experience in the past was focused on performance, careers, pressure, consuming, working and striving; but it did not give us deep fulfillment and happiness. Some of us encountered illnesses or conflicts as well as problems at home and at work. And many of us developed the feeling that there had to be “more” to life than this. We began to search without consciously knowing what we were searching for. Each of us learned about David Wared and the Light Awareness Philosophy in different ways.


Years of studying the Light Awareness Philosophy and working intensely on ourselves has led to liberation from blockades, internal healing and self-knowledge. An important part of this was recognizing all systems, cultural, religious, economic, scientific and political, were created by human beings, and overcoming these systems in order to experience freedom and liberation from systematicity. This allowed us to take on true responsibility for ourselves in our thoughts, feelings and actions. We transcended all human limitations and identities one by one. This is how we mastered ourselves and became adepts. The 11 fundamental values have now become our foundation, and we have vowed to live our lives according to our thoughts, feelings and actions.

Today we are a steadily-growing, energetically-connected community of people who desire in our hearts oneness with ourselves and a deep connection in togetherness. We live and work as a large family. True love and the application of the Light Awareness Philosophy connect us. We respect and honor the diversity and variety of humankind and the multitude of talents and potentials. We support and carry each other and resolve all interpersonal issues that separate us. Our connections develop depth, which gives rise to unity. And from this unity grows a creative, universal power that moves humankind and enables the realization of great visions.

We are grateful for our development and are very pleased to share our encounters, experiences and insights. We extend our invitation to the path of liberation, healing, and self-knowledge to our fellow human beings again and again. We meet every human being with an open heart, no matter what culture, nationality or religion they are, because we know and feel in the depths of our hearts that we all are a great, mental and spiritual world family.

We look forward to meeting YOU.

You will find a short video about our work here: Visit to a children`s home in Bali in March, 2017

The Light Awareness Academy

Our home

The Light Awareness Academy is located in Duesseldorf, Germany. It was founded in 2011 by David Wared as a place for all people to meet, learn, develop and act.

Various training sessions and study programs are offered based on the Light Awareness Philosophy in order to educate the mind, touch the soul and aid in the process of mental and spiritual healing. The Academy offers training as a Lightessence- therapist, LightYoga-instructor, Lightconstellations-instructor and meditation teacher, as well as philosophical studies.

In addition to this training, there are regular offerings in meditation, LightYoga, Energy Dancing, Lightawareness talks, Lightconstellations, earth healing, human light points activation, mantra singing, choir, healing massage and sound therapy.

Many different project groups work regularly and intensively, all with the aim and intention to bring light awareness into the world at different levels.

Our statement on Download

The offerings at the Light Awareness Academy are based on the five pillars of education, consultation, supervision, assistance and treatment.

1. Pillar: Education
Self-knowledge, self-expression and self-development are the focus of this first pillar. We train people to know and experience in themselves how the mind, soul and body work together and how actively accepting responsibility can change everything.

2. Pillar: Consultation
Philosophical, health-related, practical and economicquestions form the focus of this second pillar. We help people understand the meaning behind their issues, illness, conflicts or crises. When we understand the true connections between things, we can heal ourselves physically, mentally and spiritually and learn to handle things in a new way.

3. Pillar: Supervision
Becoming healed, whole and unified is the focus of the third pillar. We teach people on the basis of heart-to-heart encounters that they are not alone and that they can overcome problems together with others.

4. Pillar: Assistance
Help in crises, in times of need and in times of doubt form the focus of this fourth pillar. We support people personally, individually and through the community so this confidence and strength can be developed and further steps can be taken.

5. Pillar: Treatment
Therapies for blockades, diseases and conflicts form the focus of this fifth pillar. We help people through the use of therapies that dissolve blockages, bring back energy to the body and thus help people to heal, become balanced and achieve clarity.

Welcome to peace

Cities of peace throughout the world

Our vision of peace includes building a city of peace, starting with Duesseldorf, Germany. But our vision is also one for the entire world: In each of the 100 countries we visit, we will lay the foundation to create a city of peace. This will create a network of cities of peace throughout the entire world so people can live in these cities, visit them, educate themselves and develop further. More and more people will testify through their own experiences that:

“Freedom is possible.”
“I am peace and I represent peace.”

We will show that it is possible, beginning with a city of peace in Germany. We will show people and allow them to experience how peace, love, freedom, truth, and unity can come alive.

A city of peace

  • as a place where the human desire for peace is realized and peace is lived within oneself and with others.
  • as a place where people live, work, learn, meditate, dance and collaborate together in a great family and experience deep fulfillment and joy.
  • as a place where the 11 fundamental values of our philosophy are realized every day.
  • as a place where every individual works actively on developing awareness and receives all the support they need for this.
  • as a place where the best education and newest therapies are offered for everyone.
  • as a place where extended humanity is lived.
  • as a place where every resident receives an unconditional basic income.
  • as a place where every resident contributes according to their abilities and talents.
  • as a place that grows and expands.
  • as a place that welcomes guests who would like to live and experience a completely new way of co-existence.
  • as a place where people serve each other with joy, interact peacefully, are really free and truthful, and feel the unity.

David Wared - The initiator

Visionary & philosopher of healing

David Wared is a philosopher of healing and healer. He comes from a family of healers with a centuries-old healing tradition. He received the Light Awareness Philosophy in 1974 at the age of four from the highest spiritual source. The philosophy of Light Awareness answers every essential question about humanity – its origin and connection to the cosmos and the whole of creation. People receive new inspiration in previously unfamiliar contexts and expand their awareness.

This philosophy forms the basis for his life and work, which he places entirely at the service of the development of human awareness, and he devotes himself to the protection of animals, plants and Mother Earth. He serves the creatures of the Earth at all times with joy and devotion.

One of his essential messages is the message of peace: “YOU are peace.” With this statement, David Wared brings human beings in touch with their origin. Peace is one of the 11 fundamental values that exist eternally in every human. This raises the question of the degree to which this peace is alive and conscious within us. 

We all aspire to peace in our hearts. It is indispensable to mind and soul. So inner peace is the germ of external peaceful actions, of external peace.

Peace can flourish all over the world when attention and focus are first placed on our inner peace and the various gifts and abilities of each are appreciated. Self-love can flourish, and we can connect with each other through our hearts. Stable, trusting co-existence is created, which allows all things to have a dignified existence on Earth.

More about the vision of worldwide peace

This is one of the philosophical foundations for the vision of the WORLD TOUR for PEACE which David Wared announced in 2014. Through this tour, the message of peace will be carried throughout the world so peace is strengthened and inspired in all people. The message that peace resides in the heart of each and every one of us and wishes to be discovered and lived will be shared with humanity.

As initiator, visionary, philosopher and healer, David Wared embraces and manifests this vision in his spirit, his devoted love, his strength and his support – as do many people throughout the world.


"Unfold your potential,
develop your understanding,
experience your soul,
discover your vision.
Dedicate yourself
to a human world,
to a world community of peace,
to a world in light and love.

I will adore you for it.“

David Wared

Worldwide peace work of David Wared

David Wared – Maldives 2014

In August 2014, on the Maldives, David Wared spoke about the vision of worldwide peace.


The organization team

We are your contacts

Our core team currently consists of 7 people, with whom all the threads of the organization converge. Behind the core team is a group of 30 people who have committed themselves to the vision of the world tour over a period of several years.


Susanne Knopp

Chairman | General Management WORLD TOUR for PACE

When I first heard about David’s vision for the WORLD TOUR for PEACE in May 2014, I was immediately fascinated: 1 tour – 100 countries – 100 people – at least 1 year around the world! I immediately felt a great desire and longing to bring this fascinating vision to life and to participate in its planning.

Today, a few years later, I am still excited by the vision of our world tour. However, my personal understanding of the tour has changed: At first, it seemed important to me to participate in such a large project, which was different from everything else, on the basis of aspects of my years of professional experience as an event manager. Today I understand that the implementation of the content of the WORLD TOUR for PEACE is essential and know what we want to do with it:

We wish to reach people all over the world with the WORLD TOUR for PEACE . We want to touch people worldwide, from heart to heart through our commitment. We also want to connect people, different religions and different cultures. We want to bring peace, love, freedom, truth and unity into the world, not only for humans, but also for animals, plants and our Mother Earth.

I am honored and am very grateful to contribute to making our world more peaceful through my personal commitment and work.

Beate Knopp

Vice Chairman | Communication | Cooperation Management | Philosopher of Light Awareness

As a consultant and coach, I have been in contact with people for over 25 years and have seen a lot of different human visions. I had been searching for “something bigger” for many years, for an understanding of what the world is all about. I have found exactly what I had always been searching for in the Light Awareness Philosophy.

Never before has a vision touched me so deeply and lastingly as David Wared’s vision for the whole of humankind. I dedicated myself to this vision, to this philosophy, because it touches within me my longing for a change in the world and because it has made clear to me that I can do something as a single person and thereby motivate other people as well. When we recognize our true nature, live unity with one another and thereby free our original knowledge, our original consciousness, our original energy and power, we will change the world.

I see that this vision for world peace can expand and change all our human systems:

  • Our inner, personal system (all our beliefs, conditioning and ideas about identity),
  • Our economic system (We earn money through war, not peace. So far money has ruled the world, not our recognition that we are brothers and sisters – we can all change this),
  • Our religions (We have not yet been taught that the individual carries basic goodness and justice within themselves and has arrived in their creative power, is a creative being),
  • Our cultures (which tell us what is good and right).

I take my task of participating in this journey of peace with joy and gratitude. I am honored.

Karin Knopp

Vice Chairman | Public Relations | Corporate Design & Social Media

My greatest wish for all of us is PEACE! Peace between people, peace with animals and plants, and peace with Mother Earth. This world tour will be the greatest peace movement in the world, and I am very grateful to be able to give my energy and creativity to this great vision.

Before I got to know David Wared, I was in a kind of sleep. The Light Awareness Philosophy has opened my eyes, broadened my perception, and given my life a profound meaning. I would like to help people to awaken from their sleep so that they can open their hearts, recognize the miracle of creation and, in peace and solidarity, build a community of expanded humanity with all their fellow-beings.

It is essential first to recognize peace in oneself in order to then be able to be at peace with others and to extend peace to the whole world.

This world tour also pays something back to our Mother Earth. We want to raise awareness that we should all respect Mother Earth, honor her and care for her.

My task for this world tour is to shape the tour outwardly as well as inwardly so that love can flow into the hearts of all and peace is activated in the hearts of all. I accept this task with great gratitude and humility.

Kay Kampmann

Organization | Finance & Administration

When I was introduced to the healing philosopher David Wared in 2011, my life began to change.

From 2013 to 2015, I completed my studies as a Lightessence-therapist with David. I was able to experience a great deal of liberation and emotion thanks to his assistance.

In the summer of 2015, I joined the world tour project team.

Since I have arrived at full peace with myself, a longing has grown in me to expand this peace outward to the world. This project is so fascinating and so large that I have put my responsibility and everything else into it.

It is a great honor for me to be with the others – and the many others who will join us in the future. I look forward to all of you!

Mechthild Assmann

Public Relations | Cooperation Management | Philosopher of Light Awareness

I am particularly interested in David’s vision for transforming the world through expanded humanity, and I would like to be involved when the world grows together rather than falls apart.

I would not just like to be part of it, I would like to do my part to make this tour and this change in the world possible.

To travel the world for two years, this wonderful planet. To meet people heart to heart. To honor nature and all beings and to perceive myself as part of the great whole. To connect again to everything, to feel compassion, openness and trust and to celebrate life together.

This is my vision and my desire.

Global peace is possible! Not tomorrow, and perhaps not the day after tomorrow: But I am convinced that the people and the world will change for the better and I will experience it.

This requires the right kind of action: I am taking the first step with this world tour, and others are joining me.

We warmly invite you to contribute your part to worldwide change.

Thank you, and have a blessed life.

Sigard Rude

Organization | Medical Management | Philosopher of Light Awareness

When I heard about the vision for a WORLD TOUR for PEACE, I immediately felt that I would like to contribute to the achievement of this goal in the community. My idea was also to use my profession as a doctor and my calling as a healer to contribute.

Through knowledge of the contents of the Light Awareness Philosophy, it became increasingly clear to me that we as humans cannot continue in our old ways and that this “new age philosophy” offers new paths. There are paths to awareness, liberation, and healing in order to arrive at self-knowledge because true peace is a value that is always present eternally, but steps are required to arrive at peace within oneself. I can share my peace with the people of the world through this inner potential.

The world tour has already started for me and many others: Our intensive retreats have led us several times from our starting point in Duesseldorf to several countries throughout the world such as Spain, the islands of Tenerife and Mallorca, Greece on the island of Cyprus, Morocco, the Maldives, Portugal, Oman and in Indonesia on the island of Bali. These visits have brought us into intense exchange with a variety of cultures. Getting to know other cultures also showed us that many people, in Germany as well, are still very much bound by conditioning, attachments, dogmas and views that limit them.

Awareness of the world can change - every human being, and in the sense of expanded humanity also the animal world, has the right to free, peaceful, loving coexistence on our Mother Earth. My deepest desire is to share this with the world. In a community of 100 people traveling to 100 countries, there are a wide range of opportunities to live together and communicate with each other by talking, dancing, praying, meditating, and more. Through our globe-spanning journey, we can return something to Mother Earth through our energy and bring new awareness into our interactions with each other and with nature.

I can get to know myself, the other people in the community and in the world through such a journey of awareness. I feel it is a part of my path to complete myself and contribute to raising awareness for the benefit of all.

Stefanie Horst

Kommunikation | Cooperation management

Our teams who are supporting the project worldwide:

Lynn Feltes & Jonas Woldt

Photo & film team on the road in South Africa, Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Hawaii, Los Angeles, Peru, Chile

We are Lynn and Jonas, 19 and 21 years old, and we have been on the road throughout the world for the past 8 months. We have also simultaneously implemented and supported some peace projects, which 99% of people met with enthusiasm and great joy.

It constantly became clear that there is a longing for peace in every human being. Through our peace photos, we are able to inspire people to the recognition that PEACE BEGINS IN YOU and that you can expand it to the world only when it lives within you. This message was accepted with understanding as a “logical approach,” and it was great to see how it made people think and reflect on their own perspectives.

We are looking forward all the more to starting the world tour soon so we can help thousands of people achieve their own peace. That is the first step towards world peace.


Sarah Maniecki & Jörg Schüttler

Ambassadors of peace / on the road all over the world – southern Africa, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Latin America, Central Amerika and other countries

Life is a journey, and we are currently traveling very intensively throughout the world. We meet people in every country who yearn for peace and love just as we yearn for peace and love. The desire for peace and love connects people throughout the world – regardless of religion, culture, skin color or origin.

We are very happy and grateful to be able to travel as peace ambassadors throughout the world, fulfilling a deep, inner longing within us.

In each country, we have a meditation on the healing of Mother Earth and for peace. We invite everyone to connect with us and the country we are in.

This helps us to feel Mother Earth, the land, the people, the animals and the plants intensely and to get in touch and to exchange. It is also a wonderful way for us to extend peace in the world.

Meanwhile, we feel at home in the world, feeling the peace within us and the potential of all people and beings to be at peace.

We carry the vision of WORLD TOUR for PEACE in our hearts and support them worldwide. It will connect and unite people with a light network of peace and love. This network will lovingly embrace our Mother Earth and bring healing.

On our blog "Weltenerfahren" we share our experiences, insights, the beauties of Mother Earth and invite you to our meditations.

Be welcome to join the vision of peace.

Vision Peace Foundation Germany e.V.

The association

We are a non-profit organization, an association established as an umbrella organization, to expand the vision of world peace and to work on various global projects in the field of education, environmental conservation, animal and plant protection, international understanding and the support of people in need.

The planning, organization, realization and follow-up of the WORLD TOUR for PEACE is our worldwide project for the creation and initiation of cities of peace throughout the world. We also provide continuous support and encouragement for projects initiated during this journey in the name of world peace, expanded humanity and sustainability. Our peace ambassadors are in close contact with people in the countries before, during and especially after the trip and thereby support the foundation of cities of peace in all the countries visited. All the peace projects begun during the tour will also be continued by us.

For more information visit:

We are pleased that you are interested in our association.

Opinions about us

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