24h-meditation for peace in Northern und Southern Cyprus/ January 28th, 2019

In a 24-hour peace meditation we connect with peace and send it to the whole world. Can, a Muslim café owner from Northern Cyprus invites us without knowing us, to his house for the first 12 hours. Such openness and great trust show us that peace can unite and unify all cultures, religions and nationalities. Coming from southern Cyprus, we drive to Nicosia to the border crossing and walk the last few meters expanding peace across the border.

During a conversation, an employee tells us: "Many people come here, but you are different. Your energy is special.” On all our travels we hear this feedback. Peace touches all hearts and people let themselves be touched by peace. Our thanks go to Can. There is no greater action of the heart than to open his house unconditionally to peace. Peace now again has a home in the North of Cyprus. We spend the second part of our peace meditation on the way to the South and on the spot in Gregorias’s City of Peace.

The foundation stone for the peaceful reunification of Northern and Southern Cyprus is laid.

(This journey has been privately financed.)

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