17th WORLD SUMMIT of Nobel Peace Laureates in Mérida, Mexico / September 19th -22nd, 2019

Vision Peace Foundation Germany e.V. is present when more than 4000 people gather for 4 days at the WORLD SUMMIT of Nobel Peace Laureates in Mexico.
Lectures, workshops, peace labs and penal discussions on various aspects of peace and peace work invite you to get into conversation.
We are right in the middle of it.

Leave your mark for PEACE- the motto of the WORLD SUMMIT invites all people to show their mark for PEACE optically as well.
YOUR mark for PEACE - makes clear, as the Light Awareness Philosophy expresses: every human being with his uniqueness is essential for peace.

"There is no peace except your peace."
David Wared

Many television stations report daily, up-to-date directly from the congress centre. On 20.09.2019 we have a live interview on SIPSE. Stefanie talks about our vision of worldwide peace and our WORLD TOUR for PEACE.

Our next step is right after that a radio interview...
Of course, the vision of worldwide peace NOW and the WORLD TOUR for PEACE are the contents of the interview.
On our WORLD TOUR for PEACE, we will travel to 100 peaceful countries on every continent. The aim of the WORLS TOUR for PEACE is to carry the message of peace throughout the world and bring about lasting steps of change toward world peace.

Peace talks with the most diverse people touch our hearts.
In the course of the days we talk with many different people about the peace view of the Light Awareness Philosophy. We talk about peace that begins within each one of us. We talk about our own inner warrior, who must be recognized before individual peace can begin. We talk about global peace and universal peace and thus touch many hearts.
THANK YOU for these deep encounters.

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