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You, as well, can support the worldwide expansion of peace by participating in the action "Join us".
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"Peace in me, 
Peace in you,
Peace in the world.
Peace out of me,
Peace out of you,
Peace for the world."

David Wared

World tour for peace

100 people, 100 countries, 2 years

The entire world talks about peace, yearns for peace and dreams of peace – and yet more wars are being fought on Earth than ever before. It is not enough to hope for peace or to wait for it because peace starts within each individual: Peace begins in me; peace begins in you. Recognizing peace in yourself is an active process. I have to see my discontent and transform it into peace through forgiveness. Inner peace leads to external peace, to peaceful thoughts, peaceful feelings and peaceful actions. When external peace expands outward from within, we create world peace.

David Wared, visionary for world peace, founder of the philosophy of Light Awareness and initiator of the WORLD TOUR for PEACE is leading our global journey in the name of peace. 100 people who have achieved peace in themselves will follow their inner calling to contribute, serve humanity and spread the message of peace throughout the world on this tour. We will tour 100 countries throughout the world on every continent for 2 years, for hosting 100 peace congresses. Itinerary

You can find all information about this vision of world peace on this website. If this vision touches your heart, and you would like to meet or support us, please contact us. We look forward to meeting you. Become a supporter



Vision of world peace

Visions just stay visions unless they are shared and realized with others. It is important to draw attention to them in order to bring them to life. There are different ways to do this. 

We have chosen to reach people throughout the world through direct encounters as part of our WORLD TOUR for PEACE.

Due our admiration, respect and esteem for other religions and cultures as well as the variety of human existence, we are sending a clear sign for peace in over 100 countries - by our peace congresses. Different events along with the local people let us together encounter and experience the variety of human living. We recognize that we are all one large global family whose task it is to create peace.

We will carry the torch of lightful peace throughout the world.

We will experience through our worldwide networks and current reports from different media how the peaceful activities throughout the world unite us to become a great force for peace. People see all over the world that everyone can do something - that everyone is encouraged by life to contribute personally to bring about peace in the world.



for the world

All people and living creatures on this Earth desire peace from the bottom of their hearts because peace is the original natural state for everything and everyone. We want to stir the desire for peace, love, freedom, truth and unity in people throughout the world, awaken and strengthen their awareness of true and eternal peace, bring people together in encounters, and encourage and support them on their personal path to peace.


David Wared - the initiator

Visionary & philosopher of healing

David Wared is a philosopher of healing, and a healer. He founded the philosophy of Light Awareness in 1974. The philosophy of Light Awareness answers every essential question about humanity – its origin and connection to the cosmos and the whole of creation. People receive new inspiration in previously unfamiliar contexts and expand their awareness.

As a visionary, David Wared shares his vision of world peace with the people. And he describes the paths to world peace through his philosophy of Light Awareness. The WORLD TOUR for PEACE is an essential, global movement he initiated to spread the vision of world peace actively throughout the world, to touch people all over the world, to show them the peaceful way, and to support them in their responsibilities.


Who we are

A light awareness community

We are a philosophical movement from the heart of Germany, located in Duesseldorf.
We are convinced that world peace is possible.
We are messengers for peace, spiritual people on the path to self-enlightenment.
We are visiting 100 countries throughout the world to connect with others who desire peace for all living creatures and to bring about peace.
We are spending 2 years to the world to spread our message of world peace.
We will speak with people about peace and solutions for peace on our 100 peace congresses.
We will meditate, dance and sing together to expand awareness and energy for peace throughout the world.
We will encounter and heal Mother Earth, animals and plants.
We have founded a nonprofit umbrella organization for the planning, the development, and the realization of this tour for world peace as well as the sustained advising, assistance and support for peace projects developed in the various countries:  Vision Peace Foundation Germany e.V.
We will start our world tour in 2020.


Opinions about us


our work for peace

We would appreciate support and contributions to make this large, global vision a reality. We are creating a community of pioneers, visionaries, patrons, foundations, donors and sponsors. Everyone is connected at the spiritual and material level in their support for this vision.

The contacts for support and contributions of any kind are  Beate Knopp  and Mechthild Assmann who are part of our core team for the organizational group. They and their team can assist  people or organizations who would like to be engaged as supporters or contributors


Join us

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Every person in the world can support the expansion of peace through this event. Upload your photo and become a beacon for peace in the world.



A glimpse at our work for peace

Our news provides reports about the various activities for peace we have been carrying out for years as part of our tours.


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Shaman ceremonies in Bolivia, South America

Sanador alemán y chamanes bolivianos se encuentran para una ceremonia de curación y fuego Bolivia

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Peace and healing ride on motorcycles and via river floats

Healing journeys as an expression of appreciation and respect for all people, animals and plants and Mother Earth.

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Sacred tree planting together with the Kogi in the Kuishimake community

On each journey, we plant trees that benefit locally and globally for the uplifting of awareness of all people, animals, plants, and Mother Earth.