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Peace is present now and here,

Peace is present now
in this moment in everything,
sense it.

Peace is present now
in this instant in this space and
simultaneously in all spaces,

David Wared

World tours for Peace

Vision Worldwide Peace NOW für people, animals, plants, nature, and Mother Earth

The entire world talks about peace, yearns for peace and dreams of peace. When we look at world news today, we see that there are conflicts, struggles, wars, and exploitation everywhere.

We respond with WORLD TOUR for PEACE by David Wared.

With WORLD TOUR for PEACE, we bring the most far-reaching and profound vision of peace into the world.

WORLD TOUR for PEACE because the world needs change NOW.

WORLD TOUR for PEACE because people and all living beings long for a new quality of global togetherness.

Together with David Wared, the founder of the Light Awareness Philosophy and initiator of the WORLD TOUR for PEACE, we have been traveling voluntarily for peace to the many countries of this earth for almost 50 years. On the World Tours for Peace we remind and reconnect people with the original peace strength within themselves. The connection enables the deep feeling of peace-protection, peace-shelter, and peace-bearing. Spirit, soul and life are nourished and the human being feels full in peace.


If the vision of peace is touching you, if you want to inform yourself or if you want to support us, please contact us. We look forward to meeting you. Become a supporter



What peace bestows upon us

Peace information, peace consciousness and peace energy is eternally, infinitely and immortally available in the cosmos and an unconditional gift to all existence. Every human being can connect to this source and will be energized and supported from it for their own peace journey.

Trust, confidence, and certitude that every living being is protected, safe and supported in peace becomes tangible. We humans have forgotten that peace is our origin. Let us remember this and look together at the countless Benefits of Peace as we bring peace alive within us and out of us.


Peace ist the gift of all gifts.

David Wared




for the world

All people and living creatures on this Earth desire peace from the bottom of their hearts because peace is the original natural state for everything and everyone. We want to stir the desire for peace, love, freedom, truth and unity in people throughout the world, awaken and strengthen their awareness of true and eternal peace, bring people together in encounters, and encourage and support them on their personal path to peace.


David Wared - the initiator

Visionary & Philosopher of healing

David Wared, Source of Light Awareness, is the originator of a complete, whole and ONE philosophy of peace, the Philosophy of Light Awareness. With Light Awareness Philosophy, David Wared enlightens people about their origin, the meaning of their existence and their creative potential. From the Peace Philosophy of Light Awareness, David Wared originates the vision of worldwide peace. As a peace visionary, he describes three levels of peace: individual, global, and universal peace. This results in a new and complete path of recognition for human beings.
David Wared teaches, treats, accompanies and counsels people worldwide on their path of peace realization.

WORLD TOUR for PEACE is an essential, global movement he initiated to spread the vision of world peace actively throughout the world, to touch people all over the world, to show them the peaceful way, and to support them in their responsibilities.


Who we are

We are an international, philosophical peace community. Many of us live together in our motherhouse in Düsseldorf / Germany.

Our philosophical basis is the ideal philosophy of Light Awareness, originated by David Wared.

The Light Awareness Philosophy derives via its Theory of Creation that the origin of all living beings, all creation and all existence is freedom, peace, truth, love, and unity. Finding back to the origin is the deep longing of mankind. We support and accompany people on their unique paths.

We act free from economic interests, political and social systems and are beyond religions.

As a philosophical peace community, we stand in service to peace in the world. By means of education, counseling, support, treatment, and accompaniment, we act at various levels around the world to support people, families, and communities on their path to peace.


We have founded an umbrella organization for the planning, the development, and the realization of the journeys of the WORLD TOUR for PEACE: Vision Peace Foundation Germany


Opinions about us

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our work for peace

We would appreciate support and contributions to make this large, global vision a reality. We are creating a community of pioneers, visionaries, patrons, foundations, donors and sponsors. Everyone is connected at the spiritual and material level in their support for this vision.

With our teams, we are at the assistance of all people and organizations who wish to become supporters and donors.


Join us

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A glimpse at our work for peace

Our news provides reports about the various activities for peace we have been carrying out for years as part of our tours.


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Shaman ceremonies in Bolivia, South America

Sanador alemán y chamanes bolivianos se encuentran para una ceremonia de curación y fuego Bolivia

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Peace and healing ride on motorcycles and via river floats

Healing journeys as an expression of appreciation and respect for all people, animals and plants and Mother Earth.

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Sacred tree planting together with the Kogi in the Kuishimake community

On each journey, we plant trees that benefit locally and globally for the uplifting of awareness of all people, animals, plants, and Mother Earth.