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Impressions on a morning healing trip

The sun hasn't risen yet. We are getting ready for the early healing journey.

A day of heart-touching moments

Our day started with a healing trip in the Tsavo East National Park. We stayed in peace and let the morning peace, the morning dew, the untouched nature and the animals act on us.

Flamingos as far as the eye can see

The visit of two lagoons on which many flamingos dwell is our destination today.

Animal healing – that’s what we call Animal protection

Deep connectivity and contacts of the hearts between humans and animals, from heart to heart.

Encounter between humans and animals in Bali

We had a very deep encounter with elephants during the 2nd part of our Bali tour with David Wared.

Visit to an elephant park

This excursion was set up for the purpose of an encounter between humans and animals. We visited an elephant park.